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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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presidential candidates northeast ohio according boat from voters in the key battleground state. >> donald trump starts his day in an intimate ou discussion with union leaders and closed to the public, dave nethers was the only local reporterhl in the room enjoins to let us know what went on inside your at the american legion posts 610 in brook park 102 stops made by donald trump today and this is very different than the typical campaign rally for
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are in attendance that we are usually in got accustome to seeing, his running mate mike pence spoke to labor leaders at a short list people including police patrolman union president believes that the candidate has a plan to help bring manufacturing jobsdi to t area. trump heard about perceived lack of support for washingtonon concerned about un pensions republican running nec and neck with hillary clinton is clearly courting labor votes and they left happy with what they heard.. >> i will tell you that we will get our jaws backck and stop companies from leaving and it i so easy. they make a product i a different location than this
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the product does not come in here so easily like to thank sharededoe labor leaders talking about how trade agreements have hurt workers retirees talk about pensions that they're worried about losingt these are folks who wor hard and built this country and not to donald trump's speaking to.. the stop is not publicize a very small number of people wer not at the table and a number of representatives of th mediave were allowed in the roo sharede he went to a nearby restaurant, where he interrupted and unsuspected lunch crowd cheeredus to dine with them and shake hands and then onto youngstown letter todayay where is expected to speak, listen to statements about trade imbalanc
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products that bear his name, that they are made overseas. but it is clear, that both of these presidential candidates ohio and want labor union endorsements. and the ground rules were that there wa no questions allowed to be shouted out but the panelists did have questions and hear from later about what he had to say. donald trump, not the only presidential candidate here today in northeast ohio hillary clinton, and tim kaine stopped here today matt wright in cleveland were she just finishe
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they just wrapped up their speeches about 20 minutes ago, as they enter this final stretch of the presidential campaign appealing to working-class voters in cleveland as they spent this important labor daya in ohio. she struggled through portions of the speech to speak andd aft introductions, she said that she's a better candidate for labor unions andth they helped raise wages for everyone she also said what she would do to increase jobs and also a boo to be released tomorrow on ther all super bowls is called stronger together for reason an she hit a donald trump and her first campaign speech in severa days, citing his mexican trip last week as a signs that he is unfit to be president.e just a few hours, he managed
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embarrassing international incident. got into a twitter war with the mexican president. this was a way for her to connect withth members of the african-american committee that made up most of the audience todayys this is an annual parade and festival that has been goin onnar 45 years. then she goes the quad cities toa labor day festival this evening. did you see her mainland the crowd chris lorekk did you see her speak into some of her potential supporters ? >> after the speech she did shake hands with members of the crowd for a short time which is pretty standard. thank you matt wright from cleveland tonight.
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in chief in china he brought up a variety of issues including meeting with vladimir putin about the war in syria, for all the latest here is elizabeth noreika. >> some say this is a step in the right directionon but not quiet there they talked on the sidelines of the g-20 summit having a candid in blood meetin speaking for about 90 minutes what was not made was a deal to end the bloodshed between us backed rebels in syria and the countrieses russian allied regi they did agree to continue working towards negotiations fo a cease-fire in syria, president obama said the current dynamic in syria allows for extremist groups d to continue recruiting and for the russian supported governments to continue bombing targets with no consequences he saysnu he hopes that they can unite to defeat terror groups
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agree on a deal for us to provide humanitarian aid to syria, today he address that the tone is candid and blunt.t. businesslike and this was no different situation in which a regime is bombing with impunity and that in turn we think is strengtheni the capacity of nusra to recruit. talk about cyber terrorism around the world, is the first city commander-in-chief to visi laos which was bombed by us forces during the vietnam warais there was an issue when he arrived at the g-20 summit,t, u
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for him to walk and said that was a jab against the united states. information about a standoff between twinsburg police and a barricaded suspect took his own life after killing a northfield man,to jack shea joins us with more on the story.j they say that the two men weret part of a love triangle a the violence was triggered by anger and standoff sunday, on east ottawa drive in twinsburg after 58-year-old bob walser shoots a northfield man, 57-year-old gerell robinson who showed up uninvited, roberts wa taken to the clinic where he wa pronounced dead, they were said that by the time the police arrived,he bob walter had barricaded himself inside of hi condo. >> is inside myns living room my son would hurt a noise and
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was a body on my front lawn so called 911. please try to negotiate but he did not respon after four hours a use tear gas andsp swat entered, discovered that he had taken his own life. we were stuck inside until they told him to come out with his hands up,, something like in th movies it was crazy. >> this i had been. overug the recent breakup of a relationship his girlfriend had moved out and then moved back with her ex-boyfriend.. the ex-boyfriend was gerell robinso who had shown upup sunday triggered the violence that lef both been dead. she loved him for the other man and she was very upset abou that.m he was the nicest guy a remand, the best neighbor we ever had it is really sadad.
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traveled to twinsburg on sundayj , neighbors believe that he was picking up the belongings of hi girlfriend and they believe tha madedeup bob walter angry. police are turning to fox 8 to get justice for two families , rewards offered to help solve two murders,, peggy gallek join us with the details >> they believe that someone knows who killed these two men ie need them to come forward streets. wa 21-year-old scotty thornton, 2012 shaw high school graduate plan to continue his college studies this fall20 at ashland university and play football but he did not get the chance. >> right now there are no suspects. band director was found near this dead end on cleveland's east side they say been fatally shot appearedhe his family
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>> his car was taken after he was killed >> are still looking for his 2,003 blue saab. crime is becoming exceedingly vicious we had to get these bad guy salt the streets. >> and rocco howard cannot agre more. her son james was killed near east 100 tenth street december 24, 2011.h st the person that spent the last moments wit my son >> she thinks of her son, every you have his clothes, pictures and the memory of what used to be, but as far as movin forward,, no mother should have to bury their child it is a natural occurrence a natural situation for a mother to bury her child. >> the rest of them made in either case, if you have
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reward of up to $2,500 or offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of those responsible,th if you hav information call crimestoppers. they want to get this out befor the public to know that someon out their knows something so call crimestoppers. is a labor day weekend tradition and northeast ohio.. >> get my last update from the
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want to welcome back our dish network viewers, the tribune company, our parent company, whichch an agreement with the d so that our viewers can see our fox 8 news cast in so many othe great shows. >> like the empire, simpsons an nfl football that begins this
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dish network viewers during the weekend was fantastic, what is there to complain about? cannot have it anymore picture-perfect and we've got our dish viewers back and in the front yard again, this is absolutely phenomenal appeared too bad there is not a pause button people would k insist on pollution it appeared to show you what we got going o on webcam time lapse got a bunc of them in the next couple hours. we have fired up the roofcamwe, a great view of blue angels doing their thing and
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it was a great day. you can even see the fountains. it is warm and sunny today. in the here's what are the reasons why our weather is so great. what is left over from tropical storm hermine. it is what we extratropical low losing all of its tropical characteristicscs still has the energy that has turned into a low-pressure system that we see in the wintertime off of tu georgia an nantucket. can see it began to spin backward we are in the middle of two systems appeared the extratropical low off of th coast and a cold front to the westro t, in the meantime, the rainfall is getting washed
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almost to the boston logan airport with very gusty winds. we did have 89 degrees one poin possible that we snuck up to 90 degreespo had to see the official stats ate 5:30 p.m., t dewpoints are still under control were on the edge of ver tropical air appeared clear r quiet with thatcl crescent moon. nicer to do tomorrow 88 wins ou of the west. will have one more warm day on wednesday with sunshine and then a cold front arrives with showers/storms still warm/humid, by thursday and then a knockdown of the
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stability left friday. sony one years ago the japanese government surrendered to general douglas macarthur hear from one of the surviving
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>> the national anthem was inspired by the side of our flag, all glory has inspired a
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sometimes you can find the most unusual things if you look hard enought. >> in denver man said a recent tripa to the zelma george turne up world war ii relics, gordon doran was looking through h the back seat of an old clunker inside he found a treasure trov ofid world war ii items to be found a american flag, army metals and pictures from the wa is trying to find the boxes owner to return the mementos to& the rightful owner.t >> somebody, was a war hero bac
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may be of a family misplaced then ended up here an there and now i've got it and i like to see the family get this back feared rare that you come across the something that old. >> said there's no return address the most of the items look like they're from massachusetts tomok send one ye ago, japan surrendered to t ii.. >> officials from both governments that on the deck of the uss missouri and second decade later we talk about that historic of all members military present for the surrender only two were alive. a crew member on the time it wa commissioned to the end of the war wilkerson says that he remembers that day i can was
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i was a fireman down in the engine room and number three became a board. trying to create the biggest american fla north american manufacturing ha been working on the flag for the last six months once complete i will be 40 feet tall and 90 feet wide. current record holder flew over new york city last
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says he saw the flage and felt that they can make it even bigger. make flags in north america, so that we can make it that big. need to add a 13th straight to the flag have hope to have it o near the scranton expressway next year the total weight is
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beautiful weather to end the holiday weekend, but will this continuet return to andre bernier. going to going to get to bonus days.. if you want to absorb summertime, do it today do it tuesday, wednesday. we will get a taste of stuffiness to the ai
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to burke lakefront airport this is from premier flight academy looking north-northwest can see some of the blue angels. show you what it captured it is cool to see the trailsi that they leave thi is from hermine it is still ravaging the east coast particularly cape cod, buzzards bay and some high surf along long island and rhode island,
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the roar over the short just wrapped up moments ago but not before thousands came out for one last look at the air showw. >> maia belay gives us a lucky one of the best airshows in >> sunny skies and jaw-dropping , what more could you asked were here at the air show, people say they're lookin forward to next year. >> the highlights were the blue
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discipled airplanes the backup your in are in batmobile the show had something for everyone to enjoy in the sky as many as 100,000 people made it outas more than $7 million over the weekend they say that the show never disappoints. the next year they say that they start planning very soon, maia belay fox 8 news . a star that was once hurricane hermine has weakened the still poses a threat to the eastern seaboarde dianne gallagher has the latest from nyc. on this labor day monday hermine takes a final shot at the east coaster >> we're looking forward to a good weekend.o >> calling for winds gusting up to 50 mph could lead to power outages and localized flooding,
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searchinghe with police are urg people to stay away from the beaches elsewhere,wa they're taking no chances. >> there is a chance of significant challenges but not limited to loss of power, flooding and transportation issues. >> and cause damage last week making landfall in florida, eventually to the carolinas, royal caribbeanin cruise ship o new jersey, and passengers were to 50-foot high swells tried. new jersey governor chris christie said that he believes the state will dodge the bullet is still urging caution. >> current models show moderate flooding at worst, so want anybody to remain calm and urge people to remain careful and listen totoanma your lifeguard. >> with residents along the
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worst the slow-moving storm wil pack a punch with life-threateningng t flooding a possibility, in new york, i'm dianne gallagher. >> as a northeast braces for the impact of hermine parts of the south beganan the process of cleaning up, the governor of north carolina survey damage along the state after the storm tore up the east coast over the weekend,he many buildings were sparedd from destruction, the same cannot be said for crops i the artist in counties where farrs could of a hit thatot they he s that part of the problem is federal land regulations. want to make our farmland into swampland, cannot get much worse. >> the land takes a beating, partial crops are still in the field in were going to see some economic loss due to hermine we just do not know how much. >> says has not been able to ge an exact number, expected the damagege totaled to be around
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>> farther south, dozens of animals celebrate the holiday i the homesf there are a few othe thousands displaced by flooding in louisiana, shelter andots jefferson parish say they are overwhelmedy with requests from people looking to adopt them, animal shelters in louisiana have flooded withth dogs cats a other pets since the floods and some say they face overcrowding without adoption drives or relocated them. >> but were doing as adopting out our own animals to make room we really have to hold up to 30 days feared many families who were on theli fence about it an making the decision that maybe now's the time and were happy that they're stepping up . >> the shutter says they meet on the request that they can ane are happy that people all over are stepping up to help with adoptions. >> if you have a dog, if you noticed a change in their attitude after summer?
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chef webber says with kids goingg back to school some are led by themselves all day and can suffer from says even dogs w live in homes with other dogs or pets can become depressed, reason is r loss of social stimulation of the dogs it is less playful and energetic it i a part of depression. those schools i start next week you have a week to work on it ite you need to have the dog less dependent upon you give us something to play with let them entertained themselvesng if you still feel bad about leaving your dog alone or they suffer from depression, he says there is a growing number of doggie daycare to give them attention
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yesterday marked the start day for the catholic church as mother teresa was formally declared a saint. >> @home us churchgoers reflect on the life and work of a woman now known asfe saint teresa of calcutta as danica lawrence is the story.r strongsville by more than 100,000 people throughout st. peter's basilica in the vaticanc declaration. >> 's announcement that mother teresa is now a saint of the catholic church touched catholi cartsol around the world includ ad salt lake city's cathedral o the meddling. of them train for the canonization of mother teresa and would have given a lot if i
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reminds us what it means to be a saint tha believed to be in god's presenc and that people can pray to the site and can askd god answered their prayers it is a recognition of the holiness of her life that she let go all that she wash in order to serve the poor. ceremony historically takes decades or centuries it only took mother teresa 19 years after she died in she is a great example, someone i think that people kne as a real personle not someone lived 500 or 2,000 years ago but lived inea our own time and traveled in our country and people met and understoodr. >> those who attended the mass in salt lake reflected on the
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proud that the church can i someone that people knew. >> on the fortress in the direction that the church goes in a grateful for the way that it is connecting with real people. g >> is very powerful to have her become a saintnt and i think th most catholics globally are thrilled. they might be the new cardiac kids, hopefully with better results.k >> more late inning heroics helped the end and stay on the the severe weather in the south to not only displaced people and his crew came to the aid of those who cannot help
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we all go back to work tomorrow we are here now, were not normal period n we have these weird hours. >> do not go into television if you want normal hours..
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>> it's okay because we love what we do. you took the words out of my mouth, you got to love it. >> on a day like today, building up the anticipation to see the blue angles inui 15 seconds watch the information this is about 30 minutes of their show in about 15 seconds3, without the sound effects paired with this sound effects it would be a little
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here is what is left over of hermine, this cold fron probably not move through until thursday. tro take a close loo the east coast because hermine, or the remnants of hermine it i no longer tropical it is like a old wintertime low-pressure system off the coast.n and you ask what is the difference of a tropical and and the differences the temperature core , tropical system's are warm all the way u aloft and when they turn cold aloft as this dead, then it loses itstal tropical characteristics, and that is basically in a nutshell what we are talking about as the rainfall news back the people i southern new england don't care if it is fromb e hermine or extratropical it is windy and wet
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akron-canton, nobody hits 90 until you get to parkersburgrg, coming up at 5:00 o'clock the official stats, and so let's se if we hit 90 degrees for the 20 something they, look into the west is where the dewpoints on the high sidede it is tropical, st. louis and omaha, that moisture will eventually get ru out but not tonight, tonight city to tuesday
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see a couple more 90 degrees days showers and thunderstorms thursday we get a break friday then another round saturday the low 70s sunday and monday, and then we could go into the '60s for the highsd after that. the indians will be back in action tonight after a thrilling finish. lonnie chisenhall's single capped a three-run rally in the bottom of the ninth a as the tribe completes a sweep of the maryland ces
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tonight the indians began a four-game stint with the astros josh harmononth june and the rotation but he's been skipped after a rough month, mike clevinger will get the call tonight periodke the browns prepping for the season opener in philadelphia. they made roster moves this weekend to get down to the 53 limitt trading justin gilbert to the steelers, they will go into the season with 17 rookies on the roster including four first-year wide receivers, hue jackson says he knows the team is young and it'she up to the coaching staff to get them read .or the regular season some guys, who were good players, but at the same time w
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these guys have shown the ability tha they can playay and we made a decision to keep them and our job is coachingm. >> the browns learned today tha carson wentz will be starting under center for the eagles sunday, he was selected after making a trade with the browns during the draft beerer and wine country, napa valley, the grape harvest getting underway, despite the drought they say that makes the fruit sweeterpe season affecting the flavor of the grapes each year creating subtle differences. they say about the real key is to taste the wine before you buy. >> starting really basic, do yo like to read? or white? and then expand on your search, try
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, try some from different regions around the world, do yo like oak? or maybe steer towards pinot grigio and if you like something that is kind of fruity andifif has some impact maybe you already for a sauvignon blanc. they say that it's time to transition to full or linesy in the fall and winter to
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ere's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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sometime news crews are accused by karen? >> focus on getting the story right. >> but afterer hurricane hermine
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know something moving in ad fallen tree findingvi to baby raccoons, they said that the mo was nowhere near so they called the local animal shelter, the homeowner where they were found said that they bonded with the rescuers period out here their strand wet and cold and they know nothingo this is all that they know that they said it would be checked out eventually sent to a rehab released back e
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maybe we has more of these nice days tomorrow? >> and i like this weather and everything about today. going to like tomorrow and probably period if you like to invite you like themf so in pretty good shape. interest in observation about a summer without a lot of rainfal was spot on . is not seen lot of that and what about the whole summer? introduce scott sabolan on my podcast weather jazz , including all of the facts and figures that scott sabol has he is our
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job of breaking down to analyze everything appeared once the season comes to a conclusion this is webcam from cedar point camera we, gorgeous day with temperatures at, toasty '80s it was a great day for the water rides so do not have to worry about feeling cold which can happen on a labor day but not da this one-day was outstanding. system, the remnants ofti hurricane hermine are off the coast of boston over two buzzards bay into places like plymouthb and new bedford and cape cod period you can say a good spot continue to be there for the next couple days. the east coast continues to see rainfall


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